Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Small Wonders

Dorothy didn’t notice that her tulips decided to make an early appearance until she saw the pictures I had been taking over the past couple of days. She was surprised that any of her bulbs survived the extreme ups and downs of our weather this winter.

This flower had been trapped in a loop of wire until I freed it yesterday, and now, though it may be ragged and torn, it is open for business and ready for some passing pollinators.

If you like calculus, (and who doesn’t?), you will enjoy part 3 of the investigation into the death of Hippasus; Was it murder? Suicide? Was there really a Hippasus, and was he going to spill the beans about incommensurable mathematical proofs.

You can read the exciting story in the New York Times.

I enjoy the owl comedy team in Dorothy’s garden. When ever I see them, I can hear their wisecracking banter.

It’s no wonder I am happy. I am blessed with a world of simple pleasures.

Yesterday, I received a toy train I sent away for. I like it. See for yourself.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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