Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hey There

What’s Shakin’?

Bright yellow iris bloom above ornamental frogs in the flower bed outside the entrance to the Treehouse Senior Apartments on this day without rain in Redding.

I was able to point the Lumix TZ1 toward my favorite mountain subjects and was rewarded with three majestic images.

Mt. Shasta

Shasta Bally


Friday was not so peaceful on the coast at Crescent City, or across the pacific ocean in Japan, where their city building regulations and scientific engineering, showed that they could minimize damages, while experiencing the most powerful earthquake in their recorded history.

How divinely ironic that the resulting tsunami that struck our west coast, occurred since the house republicans voted to eliminate our tsunami warning system as part of their budget cuts.

Images From Mars
Opportunity examines a Martian rock with it’s microscopic camera.

Opportunity’s microscopic image of the rock.

Opportunity seen from orbit on the same day.

Wow! These images from NASA are a testament to technological achievements that boggle the mind. For further details, visit Science Daily.

Back On Earth
Martian butterfly in Dorothy’s garden?

This bee looks like it already has a full load.

Some days it seems like I just can’t click the lens fast enough to keep up with the flood of images that swirl around me. I sure am glad that I learned to always have a camera with me.

On February 17th, we had a big, giant snow event, I shot a lot of video in addition to the many stills I took that day. I still hadn’t quite figured out how to present it in an interesting and thoughtfully artistic manner, (like I did the sunset video), until I played with one of the new features in the new iMovie program. It almost seems like I should have done this the hard way instead of using Apple’s easy movie trailer template, but what the heck, I got to put some of my own touches on the production, so I guess it’s not all ‘paint by number’.

Here it is...
Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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