Thursday, March 3, 2011


Across The Rainbow

Today was a rainy day with scattered birds and rainbows in the late afternoon. I wasn’t expecting flocks of birds when I stepped outside to look for rainbows, but I managed to click the shutter a few times when the birds and rainbow were together.

Then of course, there is the beauty of pie and ice cream. I think the new bowl that I got at the dollar store has encouraged a renaissance of artfully crafted, afternoon treats.

This particular piece of art is based upon a slice of Trader Joe’s, always tasty, apple pie.

I found a quieter, battery operated clock for the living room. It still makes a clunking  clack with every jerk of the second hand, but it’s about half as loud as the previous clock, (and the pitch of the discordant click is a bit lower). I like it anyway.

The shuttles are being phased out of the space program, and this is Discovery’s last visit to the International Space Station. I wonder what the future will bring?

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Music Sure Is Fun

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