Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daylight Savings Got Me

A Little Behind

No, I am not referring to my backside.

This Is A Backside
Dark side of the moon as photographed by the Lunar Orbiter.

I am referring to the semi-annual timepiece changing we do to enable daylight savings time. I have written about this phenomenon before. (HERE)

This time, even though I had prepared more effectively than in the past, I still managed to skew the timing on a few scheduled events.  The screwy clock changing at least provoked me to play around with the unfinished song I wrote about the time change.

Blueberry muffin behind ice cream, whipped cream, and blueberries.

So, I recorded some new parts, and made some changes to the timely song about the time change, and I liked the results. I uploaded the song for today’s song of the day, but I wasn’t done; In today’s iTunes world, one must also produce artwork.

I figured, since I added some narration to the song, I should use an image of me narrating. I think the recording session, and the graphic design process took equal amounts of time. From my perspective, both endeavors are equally rewarding and fascinating so I lose all track of time. (Whoa, that’s heavy.)

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;
 Time Change Blues by Phil Seymour

It’s About Time

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