Wednesday, March 30, 2011

To Wait?

Or, Not To Wait?

Regarding H.R. 1.
This is a moral issue; the budget is a moral document. We can take care of the deficit and rebuild our infrastructure and strengthen our safety net by reducing military spending and eliminating corporate subsidies and tax loopholes for the rich. Or we can sink further into debt and amoral individualism by demonizing and starving the poor.
Mark Bitman - New York Times

Today was astonishingly beautiful to my eye, my heart, and to the camera.

All this, and my license renewal adventure continues like I have fallen down the rabbit hole. I gave the phone the DMV for an appointment routine another try this morning and got caught in a loop that kept sending me back to the start just as I was nearly to the point of appointment making.

Having been stuck in computer menu limbo long enough, I drove down to the DMV, found a parking spot right in front, got in the “start here” line behind 3 people, reached into my computer bag to get the paperwork, and realized I had left it on the counter at home.

I got a few things at the 99¢ store, and at Trader Joe’s, took some pictures along the way, got home and decided to try the DMV on the phone again.

After a couple of tries, I got as far as the computer voice saying that it could make an appointment on April 4th at 2:30PM. Alright! I did it. Hooray! Wait, what’s that? The voice is telling me that the appointment function is not working and I need to try again tomorrow.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

It Is What It Is

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