Monday, March 7, 2011

So Many Answers

So Many Questions

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How about that?
I checked out approximately 20 magic eight ball sites until I found this one that I could copy and paste here on the blog.  Many thanks to These People. (I asked the ball if I should thank them.) It should work when you try it on this page.

The first of the tulips showed up today in Dorothy’s garden. I took many pictures.

In the paper, there was an editorial about budget cuts the city of Redding may have to make to stay afloat. They want to cut more services, like the library, parks, after school programs, etc. I had to post a comment, suggesting a solution.

We have to pay more in taxes. We aren’t spending enough money on our city to make it all the things we want it to be. Somehow people think they should have the finest city services, but they don’t want to pay for them. I don’t know where they got that crazy notion, but you can only get as much from your city, as you put into it.

Today’s relatively Appropriate Song;

Save Some Oil For The Future - No New Wells

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