Monday, March 21, 2011

Staying Even


Earlier today, (Sunday), while I was still in Richmond, Marian and I played a few favorite tunes, just for fun. The most appropriate song, I thought, was Night And Day, by Cole Porter; “Night and day, they feel the same - length of minutes left between the sunlight and moonlight game.”  

Not exactly the words to the song, but I guess it’s better than rhyming socks with equinox.

Pretty silly stuff, especially since the song I played around with for 2 hours on the drive up to Redding was; That Old Black Magic. Oh well, I guess spring has got me in it’s spell.

Marians’ house was cozy and solid while the storm raged outside. Double pane glass really kept out the sound of the city, and except for a couple of lightning strikes that were real close, even the thunder was muted and didn’t show up on the tracks we recorded.

Spring breakfast in Richmond.

Spring In Redding, Too
Wow, here it is a day later, and it’s still spring.

Techno Time Day
I am using the iMac that was a whiz bang technology wonder 10 years ago, to write this portion of the blog, and it is very cumbersome after experiencing the Macbook for a couple of years.

A  regular keyboard and mouse is awkward and inefficient compared to the touchpad /keyboard configuration of a Macbook, but I am using that computer to move  242.92 gigabytes of backups from a passport USB drive, to the 1 terabyte hard drive where I keep the more recent time machine backups.

This will free up the passport drive so I can use it to ‘clone’ both computers so, in the event that I replace the hard drive on the iMac or Macbook, I will have boot-able copies of both computers that I can load onto new hard drives.

This saves me the cost of buying an additional back up hard drive just for this purpose. One must cut expenses wherever possible. Another USB passport drive would cost about $60, and there is no money in the March/April budget for that item. So, I give the old iMac a little workout for about 6 or 7 hours while the Macbook moves large amounts of data through the USB ports. Technology is amazing and evolving rapidly.

If I had been using ‘Firewire’ instead of USB to transfer the data, it would have only taken an hour or so, but that’s nothing compared to the new ‘Thunderbolt’ data transfer technology that is included as part of the new Macbook pro notebooks. Using that type of wire, this 7 hour data transfer would have only taken a couple of minutes!

The other thing I didn’t consider before starting the data transfer was not being able to use the Macbook to mix the songs we recorded at Marians’ while I am waiting for  the data to be copied. I didn’t know it would take this long, or I would have done the transfer while I was sleeping.

How fortunate I am to have 2 computers, so that I can at least type this blog on one, while the other is saving me $60. I think I will enjoy a dinner of chicken marbella while I wait for the machines to finish toting those bales of bytes, (or does one lift those bales of bytes?). (UPDATE: It’s 10:06 PM and I am still waiting for some of the tasks to be completed. Specifically emptying the trash from the USB passport drive. This appears to take nearly as long as copying the data did.)

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Time To Reflect

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