Friday, March 18, 2011

In The Driving Rain

Goin’ Down To Richmond
One of many colorful flowers along Marian’s driveway.

It was entertaining to drive down I-5 to Richmond today. Traffic was moderate, and for the most part I could use the cruise control. That is always a plus because it means fewer foot cramps which means more sensory appreciation of the scenery and all the relative velocities, dimensions, and perspectives in motion as I sailed through scattered rain showers of various intensities.

Leona and Marian check out the hail on the patio.

It is good to be here where I can spend some time with Marian and Leona. They prepared a delicious dinner, after which we played sax, piano and guitar in the living room while surrounded by a dark and stormy night. Lightning, thunder, and even when the lights went dim, we kept on playing until we reached the end of the songs.

Hail out front, too.

Later we had pie and ice cream. Then, to add to our evenings entertainment, we were treated to a hail storm, (a rare event in Richmond).

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Joyful Noise Indeed

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