Saturday, February 11, 2012


Measuring Sticks

A couple of days ago, this flower, (above), was just a tight little bud, waiting it’s turn.

The little blue flower is still hanging on. I haven’t seen any little blue flower buds waiting in the wings, but then the red ones didn’t show until the red flower was nearly done for.

Today was/is beautiful. I had some errands to do in town, and by the time I was done, the clouds had moved aside to reveal Shasta Bally. I saw that there would be some really nice pictures from one of my not-so-secret viewpoints, so I stopped on my way back from town to take a few.

There I am, at the spot behind what used to be Doc’s. The camera is on a little tripod that’s sitting on the the roof of the Buick. From that vantage point, I can zoom between the power lines to get some spectacular pictures of Shasta Bally.

Shasta Bally was the first of my three favorite mountains to gaze upon from here, in Redding. 

Soon after, the mystical, majestic, Mt Shasta was visible from the Treehouse.

Now we were getting somewhere. I guess that somewhere was a good time to stop and eat breakfast. I am very fortunate to have the means and access to fresh, organic fruit. I think it contributes to my continued good health.

Somewhere under the fruit, is some Natures Path organic cereal. The milk is organic, as is the animal eventually doing the masticating, (that would be me).

Dorris’ cactus has been blooming through rain, sun, ice, and anything else that the weather has thrown at it for the past three weeks.

This little hairy guy is growing just below the flowering cactus.

And here is Mt Lassen

The clouds lifted to reveal the next favorite mountain view, completing the trinity of delightful surrounding geological protuberances.

There were a number of birthdays and other events that are happening around this time, but to save space, I will deliver the following reminder of an upcoming day, as if any of you need a reminder;

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

Time Lapse

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