Saturday, February 25, 2012

Muddy Water

And, Black Gold Fever

On Friday, House Speaker John Boehner called for President Obama to agree to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring about 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

What has been deliberately left out of the Keystone argument is; The tar sands oil, (if the ill advised Keystone pipeline is ever constructed), has already been purchased by China. That’s right folks, China is the majority investor in that venture, and as such, will determine who gets the product, and profits.

The United States is currently, (2/25/12), exporting 900,000 barrels a day to other nations, because our refineries can get more easy money this way, rather than saving the oil for Americas future. You might have noticed, if you looked at the number of barrels a day, that we are exporting more refined oil than the Keystone pipeline will produce.

The people spouting the false stories about the pipeline, are counting on you to limit your intake of information to that which is administered by the right wing owned and operated, network news. (Even those stations we used to trust like CBS, ABC, and NBC, are running the same stuff as Fox News and ‘talk’ radio).

Our nation, as well as others in this world, have the responsibility to protect this planet that contains all the necessary ingredients which have spawned and supported life as we know it. The wanton destruction of habitat, just to obtain profitable resources is the most egregious criminal act of all. It has to stop, or everybody, and everything that makes life on earth possible now, will have no future.

We need to nationalize and sensibly regulate our energy industries to protect our country from those who cannot see the downside of their lust for more money.

We certainly cannot continue to elect, so called, ultra-conservatives who have become nothing more than snake oil peddlers.

Nicer Stuff

Except for the pictures of MT Lassen and the Daffodil, the flowers you see here were all appearing in Dorothy’s garden.

Yesterday, I ventured off the beaten path, onto a less beaten trail to the MT Shasta mine. There were so many wonderful sights and sounds that were captured, I am still sorting through them to present the essence of an uplifting experience on this blog.

Here is one example;

Hidden falls along the trail.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

Be Good - Be Happy

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