Friday, February 17, 2012

Some Things

To Lean On

I got a couple of gizmos that I ordered and were delivered yesterday and today.

One of them is a little stand for the iPod touch that I had sent away for before John Harrison made me a stand out of Bosnian maple. (Video)

Another gizmo that arrived is an interface that allows me to use condenser mics that require phantom power, plus headphones, when recording with the iPod Touch.

This will come in handy when I record in a cramped space, or out in the woods. I won’t need a power outlet nearby to make professional quality recordings with my studio microphones.

The Wooden iPod Stand

After first treatment.

Now that I had a back up stand, I stopped by John’s violin shop today and brought the Bosnian maple iPod Touch stand because he had said he would like to put a finish on it.

I brought it in and he started by sanding the little wooden stand. He then used a process that can be found on antique musket stocks. I did some film clips and pictures of him doing this, and I’ll probably cobble together a little video after he has completed the finishing coats.

Lassen outside the Thursday potluck.

Tomorrow I return to John’s shop so I can video the third viola player for the iBook that I have been designing for the iPad. This bit of audio and video, plus a few stills, will help complete the project. I look forward to seeing and hearing that particular Viola being played. It is such a beautiful instrument.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

Works Of Art

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