Friday, February 3, 2012

Honing Skills

Racing Around The Learning Curves

Just four years ago I was editing pictures with contrast, brightness, and saturation. Now I can’t even begin to make a complete list of all the various processing tools I use on a daily basis to get the results I want. I just keep adding the things that help, and taking away things that aren’t necessary, until the picture sings to me.

The combinations are what makes it most interesting for me. By using several layers of effects, tone, focus, vignetting, frames, and shadows I bring the life in the image to the screen.

On some pictures, the camera has captured all that I need, and it only requires brightness, contrast and saturation to make the image work on my blog.

I like to eat. I enjoy eating delicious, nutritious, and happily prepared food.

This works out quite well because I also enjoy taking pictures of what I eat.

I found that one has to be very careful when using effects with pictures of food. Very often I find that too strong of an effect may make food look unappetizing, and the best thing I can do is make the colors bright and the textures tantalizing.

Or, in the case of this apple pastry, I found that the use of speed focus, vignetting, and a frame, (color matched to the plate), worked out just fine.

You may have noticed that in one of the pictures I’m eating this pastry with a knife and fork.

I even eat sandwiches with a knife and fork because I don’t like to get stuff on my fingers.

I justify this somewhat obsessive behavior by looking at all the electronics, musical instruments, and the many tools and objects I handle constantly, that have not become sticky, or greasy, or smudged, because I keep my fingers out of the pie.

Well that’s enough rambling. I just happen to notice that in the past few weeks I keep discovering more useful tools in the photography applications that I use. What a marvelous time to be here and have an affinity for photography and graphics.

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