Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Last night I got to enjoy one of my favorite treats; a bowl of Trader Joe’s French vanilla ice cream. Oh yeah, there was also aebleskiver fresh out of the oven, and even whipped cream.

Tonight is one of those dark and stormy nights, when the wind howls and the rain beats against the window pane.

Earlier this gloomy, windy evening I headed out to Trader Joe’s to replenish my supply of apple pie, (and aebleskiver).

One had to be really careful and paying attention when driving under these conditions.

While traveling to the store, there were three, extremely lucky, people who stepped out of the darkness on the wet dark streets, and nearly became mangled by walking right in front of my moving car.

Had I not been paying attention at that very moment, maybe looking at the clock, talking to a passenger, eating a burger, texting, or daydreaming, there would have been a most unfortunate encounter between a 4000 pound moving vehicle and a crushable human being.

Just one close call like that, would’ve been enough to set a person on edge, but tonight, I had to expertly avoid hitting three different geniuses, in three separate events. They were on different streets, dressed in different shades of dark clothing, but all three thought it would be better to cross the dark road in traffic, than to walk a few extra yards to a lighted crosswalk.

So I made it back home without anyone successfully committing suicide by walking in front of the Buick on the dark slick roads, and it feels real nice to be here, out of the wind and rain. I avoided being a part of a tragic situation, thanks to driving skills I have learned, and a great big, much appreciated, helping of grace.

It was so dark and rainy in the late afternoon, that I had to use a flash to get pictures of the flowers in Dorothy’s garden. It was hard to get nice compositions, so I tried out one of the new toys that I got to play with images. Its called ShapeBox.

I think it is kind of cute and fun, to have photo applications that are just for silliness, and not necessarily for professional results.

And speaking of exquisite, professional results, I ran across some really nice images of some ingenious sculpture. The sculpture was made from broken CDs by an artist named Sean Avery. (Site)

Sculpture by Sean Avery

I look at that little hummingbird, and wish I could do something so clever. However, sculpture made from broken CDs, is not one of my talents.

I am happy for anyone who has talent, for it is a wonderful gift that allows us to personally be a part of, and share with others, something magical and special.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

Very Nice

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