Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Exceedingly Beautiful

Breezy Day

What a wonderful, blustery, beautiful day. The flowers were dancing in the wind, and the trees were singing the song of the breezes that blew. (To paraphrase Van Morrison)

I filmed, (videoed), some items that were dancing in the breeze; flowers, feathers, and leaves. I can use that as the backdrop to a song that was in my head that I have yet to write and record. At least I got the video footage ready to go.

I hope that some of you had the opportunity to see the evening sky around a quarter to seven. Mercury, the moon, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter, were all in a row in the western sky. I didn’t get a picture because I was on my way to Lulu’s for the Thursday night blues jam. I wasn’t set up to take a picture that would’ve done justice to the celestial spectacle.
Night Sky Site

I wandered around behind building, “A”, earlier in the afternoon, and found a few little flowers popping up in Dorothy’s garden. I also found teeny, tiny flowers in one of the other gardening beds, and some wild ones out by the tool shed.

I am fascinated by the little bitty flowers and all of the apparatus that they have for making pollen and seeds and attracting pollinators. It’s a wonderful magical world we live in.

I saw my neighbor Jo Anna and her dog, Brandi, while I was out on the western end of the driveway taking pictures of Mount Lassen and the crows flying overhead.

We discussed the price of gas, and I explained that no matter what they’re saying on cable news and talk radio, it’s not Obama’s fault. It’s not Iran. It’s our own crazy, greedy, fossil fuel companies, and Wall Street speculating gamblers.

I informed her about our country having such a great surplus of gasoline right now, that the refineries are selling it to other countries for a greater profit than they would get selling it here. There is no oil shortage of crisis proportions, no reason for new drilling, or high prices, except greed.

She wondered why she hadn’t heard anything about it, and I said that’s because she watches cable news, and mainstream, corporate controlled media.

When I got back to my apartment, I e-mailed her a link to a story in the Christian Science Monitor addressing that very subject. (Story)

It’s my opinion that we should nationalize our countries energy. That includes fossil fuels, solar, wind, and all the rest. This would take the temptation away from energy companies who would sell out their own country because of an insane lust for bigger profits.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video
(Made using an iPhone!)

Nature Is Beautiful

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