Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Finding Happiness

In Every Gentle Thought

Sometimes I find the negativity in current events to be personally offensive. I begin to fall back on my old ways of trying to prove some points of view to be wrong, rather than just living in the way that does me the least harm and the most good.

I feel compelled to point out that it is dangerous and impulsive adolescent folly to declare war in the belief that it is an acceptable, or effective solution.

I sometimes feel the need to state, for the benefit of some misinformed people, that a person’s religion is not a constitutional qualification for the office of president.

When I start to feel insecure in the world I live in because of what I read, or hear people repeating that they heard from the radio or television, I am reassured in the knowledge that I have some gentle methods to put all of that anxiety to rest.

One of the means at my disposal is the age-old serenity that one gets from meditation.

Once you have reached the state of completeness, you can return at any time, any place, and under any circumstances. If I find myself irritable or unsettled, it is because I have stepped away from the moment.

Lately I find it hard to relax when the sound of the refrigerator is rattling my brain as it goes through it’s compression cycle, (like now while I am constructing this sentence).

It seems the current soundtrack of my ‘now’ is designed to create tension, so that the ‘now’ that will exist when the compression cacophony stops, will offer a blessed release.

And so it does. The tightness has left my muscles, and in the quiet, I can use the dictation application again. Blessed peace at last.

Of course it’s always nicer to be next to a babbling brook with a green meadow, and gentle bird sounds, but that’s not always possible. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of it, the meditative state is attainable even in the insanity of large cities.

Another wonderful way for me to escape the vortex of negativity, is music. I feel very fortunate that I was given this gift that I have had at my disposal since I was a child.

I think that a musical background has given me a structure and a framework on which energy can travel and flow in positive ways that assist me on the path of enlightenment.

The rhythms and pulses, melodies and harmonies, can all contribute to a state of bliss when one is actively participating in their creation.

Putting the right ingredients into this animal that carries my consciousness is extremely important to my secure and positive state of being. I would recommend eating the best nutritional quality foods that your body needs to operate efficiently.

I have learned that there is nothing to be gained by eating low value food, except a low value life.

I am thankful to have been born into the circumstances that allow me to live well in this land of plenty.

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Life Feels Better With Love

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