Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Duper Sunday

There Was A Football Game, Too

Today, I learned how to record from a mixer into the iPod. 

At first, it was frustrating at every turn. However, I had the good sense to set up the mix using the MacBook so I would know that the signal was being delivered to the little plug that goes into the headphone jack of the iPod, (this is what one does to bypass the little built in microphone).

I just couldn’t get the iPod to work the way I wanted it to, so I took a break, went outside and took a few pictures to clear my mind.

I took the time to look down at my feet to see what I was walking upon, and realized there were a lot of little bitty flowers that I could take pictures of and look at more closely later.

I even found a new sunflower out on the east side of the property near the tool-shed. As the other little sunflower fades, I’ll keep an eye on this one and see how it does.

There were two crows doing some acrobatic flying and making lots of happy noises, so I took a bunch of pictures of them. One of the pictures, (the one here), happened to have a airliner in the background. I like when stuff like that naturally happens without me actually having to manipulate the picture and put objects together for the sake of composition.

The little sunflower I’ve been following is still managing to hang on, and it’s appropriate and natural that the new sunflower kid on the block will be carrying on the sunflower tradition.

There are two rosebuds remaining here at the Treehouse, and they are on the same bush. I guess that whoever is cutting off all the rosebuds can’t reach where these two are growing on the bush, near the patio.

Now that I think of it, there might actually be three roses associated with that same bush.

As I made my way around toward the front of the office, I got to see this little blue flower still growing in the planter along with the red flower and frogs.

The red flower is coming to the end of its cycle, but there’s some young replacements growing right next to it.

Well my walk around the grounds helped settle my mind and I was prepared to go back in and discover a recording solution with the iPod, with a clear mind.

As I was going to go inside, just as if it were telling me all is well, the sun made a little rainbow in a jet contrail which I will show you here.

The solution to the recording difficulties I was having, had to do with the jack that plugs into the iPod. It seems that the regular headphone jack plug won’t accomplish the proper connections with just three separate contact surfaces. I needed four separate contacts one of which I believe is the microphone contact, (or in the case of running the sound from a mixer a line input contact).

I had just the wire I needed, left over from my video cameras where they had a wire for an output from the camera to the TV set with left-right sound and video. The iPod uses left right sound and the third contact becomes a microphone jack.

It was a great relief to discover it was something simple.

While I was out wandering around, I noticed that some of my neighbors were still growing fresh tomatoes and strawberries. Who knows if winter will arrive this year?

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