Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bloomin' Early

A Lot Like Last Year

Shasta, Monday afternoon

Shasta, Tuesday afternoon

It has been a great time to take pictures. I have been taking more pictures than I have been posting lately, but I think that’s great. I hang on to the foolish idea that I will have a treasure trove of material to draw upon for future stories and photo illustrations.

John finished the finish for the iPod Touch stand, and even put a cork bottom on it. I started taking some pictures of it to use in an upcoming pt 2 video about the stand. The finish has more life than what appears in this image, so I will try some variations of lighting until an image shows the energy radiating from within.

The volunteer daffodils that grow out of the gravel on the west side of ‘A’ building have bloomed in the past two days. They add a nice splash of color to the gray rocks.

I am including a couple of dinners that I enjoyed. The one above being Michael Angelo’s frozen vegetable lasagna. I have written about these little satisfying entrĂ©es before, but they have become something of a staple in my freezer, so here is another serving.

The next image is of me, eating mandarin orange chicken. One of the women working at Trader Joe’s was stocking the freezer section with packages, and suggested I try it.

It sat in the freezer, here at home for a week or so, until I was shopping at Trader Joe’s when, for the third time I encountered the same woman. She asked me for the third time if I had cooked it. So, when I got home, I took out the bag and read the instructions. It had frozen battered chicken chunks and sauce packets inside.

The sauce packets contained stuff I wouldn’t want to put in my system, so I threw them out and poured half the bag of chicken chunks onto my combination pizza and baking pan. I preheated the oven to 400, put in the pan of chicken, (actually corn and suffering in the shape of a chicken), cooked it for 19 minutes, and discovered it was pretty good.

I will eat the other half of the bags contents some other time, maybe.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

What A World

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