Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Every Day

Is A Gift

If you can be in the moment, with all that entails, then you can freely enjoy the miracle.

Today we celebrated the modern version of Lupercalia, the Roman festival of fertility that was celebrated mid-February.

As they did with nearly all the pagan celebrations, leaders of the Catholic Church decided that the festival would no longer be Lupercalia, but would instead be a day honoring the Christian martyr, St. Valentine.

Eventually, sometime in the 1400s, the romantic aspects of Lupercalia merged with St. Valentines day.

The exchanging of Valentine cards is thought to have begun somewhere in 1600s, and the first commercially mass-produced cards were introduced somewhere around 1840.

I went to Shopko to get myself a special Valentines present, and I could see Mount Lassen from the parking lot so I took the above picture.

I got myself a new bath towel that was on sale, and most importantly I found a new toothpaste.

I couldn’t resist getting this toothpaste for two reasons; It was all natural, and I couldn’t possibly pass up something with a name like Burt’s Bees.

They have a very delightful website that I encourage you to visit. It includes their story in many different parts, and it’s all good stuff. Burts Bees

Today’s video is about a happy man who embraces the moment with bountiful joy that lifts the hearts, and put smiles on the faces of all those he encounters.

Today’s Very Appropriate Video;

It’s Good To Be Happy

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