Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For The Big Show

Rehearsing for Monday afternoon’s Cabaret and Poetry Hour

Those of you who have read some of my essays, have probably deduced that, in my estimation, the ‘Big Show’ is this gift of life on earth. It’s a show with only one performance that starts at birth and ends when we die.

Replacement ‘little sunflower’

But what a fantastic show it is.

Monday evening moon-rise

One of the extras that came with my life on earth, is that I was given some talent. So, I get to put on shows within the show, adding them to other parts of ‘the big show’.

‘Let it snow’ ear warmers

Plays within The Play

For those events, it’s generally a good idea to rehearse.

Risen Monday Moon

Whether one’s part is a pebble on a beach, a raindrop, a flea, or a fiddler, everything in ‘our’ universe is part of the ‘Big Show’.

Older ‘little sunflower’

Now for the tricky part;

Most of everything on earth is constantly recycled. This is because the water, air, carbon, and other matter, are the same water, air, carbon, and other matter that has been here for millions of years. We drink the same water that the dinosaurs drank. We breathe the same air that the Buddha breathed, and are made of the same molecules that were once used to make trees, bugs, flowers and elephants.

I think this is a broader definition of reincarnation.

Replacement for the replacement for ‘little sunflower’

Our individual time as a human in this big show, is now. 

When our time on the stage of life is done, we return to the reservoir of raw material, to be parceled out, combined, and shaped into other substances for the cosmic theater.

Monday's delivery from Linda’s Pizza

While I am here, now that I can see myself as a player in the big show, it is important to me to do my very best to use the various talents that came with my character. I have tried performing ‘out of character’ and found that to be an exercise in joyless drudgery.

Happiness and success, for me, tends to be found in communication, as well as the art’s and sciences, for it is there/here where my spirit finds bliss.

I am so grateful for this unique conglomeration of previously used molecules that I call, me.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;

Amazing Universe

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