Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Little Things

Mind The Minutiae

At first I walk right past them. I look very carefully at the ground, trying to find a spot of color. Just a tiny flash of blue or red or orange to let me know there were some little flowers blooming on the ground.

I begin to spot bits of color and look closely. They start to reveal themselves. Little delicate flowers, leaves of many colors, shapes, and textures.

I realize I’ve been walking right on top of the little flowers the whole time. They are everywhere once I see one or two of them.

Even within what appears to be the same plant, there are different shaped flowers, leaves that are different colors, and different textures.

I thought that I might have run out of colorful flowers once all the roses were gone. But it seems that I just needed to open my eyes to see this ubiquitous, tiny, flowering world of vibrant beauty at my feet.

I raise my eyes from the ground and look to the East toward Mount Lassen. There, I see even more beauty on a massive scale.

What a beautiful and wondrous world I get to live in.

Life is good for me in the here and now.

The Viola iBook Project

Chapter 3 cover page

The book for the iPad is nearly complete. On Friday I photographed and recorded the third musician, Katherine Conway, that has played the new viola that John made.

I now have only two pages to complete; The glossary, and the thank you-credits page. After editing and proofreading, the book will be ready to publish in iBooks.

Today’s Very Appropriate Video;

What A World

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