Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Sometimes Just Wondering

I read an interview today, (Inside The New Hate), in which one of the topics dealt with the behavior trait called ‘willful ignorance’. This came up in a discussion regarding the hate filled rhetoric of right wing conservative political figures, racist, xenophobic, propaganda spouting media personalities, and the people who support them.

They attempted to uncover the puzzling reason why people would dismiss Ron Paul’s record as a member of the John Birch Society, and think of him as some sort of alternative man of the people candidate. Some people who support the Tea Party, don’t seem to want to be aware that it is simply a new version of the JSB, funded by the sons of JBS founder, Fred C. Koch.

Evidently the billionaire sons of Fred C. Koch were so outraged when Barack Obama was elected, that they commandeered and promoted the Tea Party the very next day to oppose the president in anyway possible, including the birth certificate nonsense.

That article exposed the insidious, unapologetic, vile behavior of grown men and women in the public eye, and was a bit alarming and disheartening. I don’t really want to know how easily people can be manipulated to act against their own best interests. To me, it seems  morally repugnant to take advantage of weak minded and vulnerable people.

I prefer to address the current political situation with my own, less vitriolic questions about why the republican candidates all appear to act stupid and childish?

Are they really immature and intellectually deficient, or are they just pretending to be incompetent, anti-Obama, dimwits because they think that appeals to voters?

It has been so beautiful around here, I have been taking a whole lot of stunning pictures. They are stacking up in a holding pattern over Phil’s Place faster than I can get them down on the pages, but I think I can put most of them on my photography sites so that those who wish to, will be able to browse through some scenes from Redding.

For tonight, I thought I would give you a preview by displaying combined Friday and Saturday images of ‘the little sunflower’, Mt Lassen, and Mt Shasta. You can view more pictures in their full splendor, HERE.

Like I mentioned, we are having spectacularly beautiful weather here in the north state. It is sometimes hard to imagine that on other parts of the globe there are regions that are having unprecedented brutal cold, lingering drought, record highs, floods, lost glaciers, and melting ice caps. I am aware that I have been given fortunate circumstances, and I am grateful to be who I am, where I am.

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