Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birds Of A Feather

Are Still Birds

Peacock Attraction - India Blue Peacock feathers

I am glad I have to peruse on my devices. If I were only holding the magazine in hand, I would not be able to follow the paths, links, and other signs that lead me to explore the bigger picture.

The artwork, above, is from Chris Maynard’s website; Featherfolio. I discovered his website while looking for more pictures of his feather creations than were displayed in the Smithsonian article.

The artwork/designs are filled with knowledge and love of birds. Reading about the artist confirmed the feeling that this person has been singled out to be uniquely qualified to create these fascinating works.

Along Hilltop Drive

Saturday Evening...

Yesterday, as the sun was getting close to the western horizon, I was driving on Hilltop, to and from Trader Joe’s. There were a couple of spots to stop and get pictures of the beautiful views I had of Mount Shasta. The slideshow, above, contains 10 of them.

Along The Dam Road


There were more views of Mount Shasta to be photographed today, (Sunday), and the light was right for some fine pictures.

There were pictures in the sky above

Last night, I found out that one of my neighbors had been taking pix of Mount Shasta from Hilltop about the same time as I was. The pictures we exchanged through email confirmed that the clouds were lit, shadowed, and formed, exactly the same way in some of each others shots.

There were pictures at my feet

Today, I had an hour or two, free to spend on a photo safari, so I asked Margaret Miller to join me for a trip around the dam road. It was nice to have another photographer along to compare and share angles of lighting and compositional techniques. Margaret has been credited on some of the photos that have appeared on this blog that she took at some of the P&P Monday Music Making.


I would have taken more pictures, closer to sundown, but tonight was the 1 year anniversary of the Jefferson State Blues Society and my band was scheduled to open the festivities.

We did play, and it was good. I like having two Blues Societies to play for.

Big, Beautiful Mount Shasta

I am very happy living here in beautiful Redding, California.

Today’s Relative Video;
A rerun from March 22, 2011

Talk About Shasta Dam from Phil Seymour on Vimeo.

Birdseye Views

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