Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Day's...

It’s Great To Be Alive

Today is one of those days. It was picture perfect, here in Redding, and well worth being outside enjoying the sunshine and mild temperatures. Perfect pictures were eager to flow through the Leica lens on the Lumix FZ8, to imprint themselves briefly on the CCD sensor, and then, to fill the SD card as ones and zeros.

Here are a few translations of those 1’s and 0’s;

The wonderful world around us, is the only one we have. You would think that everyone would treat this planet with care, since all life depends upon it.

Somehow, there are people who are incapable grasping the fact that they are only one of many pieces that are crucial to completing the puzzle. The most obvious of the oblivious, (such as those in the fossil fuel industry), are not the only destructive forces. Those of us who have been conditioned to support such wholesale planetary destruction are contributing to this trashing of paradise by not insisting on alternative energy to power our transportation, homes, and industries.

We need to take control of how we power our modern lives, lest we continue contributing to Earth’s demise by burning fossil fuels for our power needs.

I have been slowly carefully collecting data about solar power, (cost, subsidies, selling peak power to the grid, various technologies for photovoltaic roof panels, and researching existing facilities that use solar energy), so I can submit a proposal to the corporation that owns the Treehouse Apartments.

That’s just one thing I can do, there are plenty more solutions to prevent the dissolution of life as we know it. Here Are 20 of them.

Speaking of The Treehouse; The other P in P&P was sidelined with a knee injury and couldn’t play piano at the Monday Music Fest. I thank the residents who showed up to sing along and add their energy to my solo act. We all look forward to Peggy's return, next Monday.

I also want to thank Kathern Sherwood for coming in and singing 4 rousing songs with me. Everyone had fun and afterward, dessert was served for those who worked up an appetite.

Today’s Video;

There Still Is Time

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