Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life's Wonderful Mysteries

Appliances With Separation Anxiety?

Wind turbines on Hatchet Ridge

This morning, I turned off the noisy refrigerator while I had coffee, read the news, checked my email, and had breakfast. It was heavenly peaceful in my little abode. A wonderful way to start the day.

Still feeding the baby

Since it has been back on, it is only cycling up to about three fourths the volume it was yesterday. It is not cycling as often, either.

I could chalk this up to it having reset itself, like a computer, or it could be possessed with a personality that has an aversion to being replaced.

Today was a lenticular cloud day. This one pictured here, that Mount Shasta created, was particularly fun to watch as it changed shape. I could easily imagine that something so big and active would contain a personality of sorts, “I spin, therefore I am”.

I followed it over time, and from different locations. I even made the rookie mistake of shooting a few pictures in portrait mode. I was enamored, enchanted, and clearly not in complete control of my photographic impulses. Ah well, I just stuck them side by side in Pages, made a PDF, exported it as a JPEG, shrank it to blog size, and they fit on the page that way, “I find solutions, therefore I am”.

Sometimes, I enjoy finding character and personalities in appliances, clouds, chairs, cars, shoes, and umbrellas. My life is a lot richer when it is populated with whimsy, imagination, and magical creations.

So, if my refrigerator is quieter now because it likes it here and wants to stay, or if it was a mechanical reset, at least it is less noisome.

I choose to use my imagination to make living with the noisy creature more fun, but I will be happier when I get a quieter refrigerator.

Today’s Musical Video;
( I think this is the best Marie Daniels video, so far.)

Object Personality

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