Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bright Skies

Clear And Refreshing

Every day I am reminded that I live in paradise. Sure, one should not drink the waters of Iron Mountain, or climb Mount Shasta in a blizzard, lest ye be banished from this garden of Eden. I am pretty clear about the instructions when it comes to avoiding the few forbidden fruits in order that I may enjoy this bounty of goodness. I love it here.

I try to eat food that is related to all natural ingredients. One of the reasons I enjoy Trader Joe's apple pie and ice cream, is the provenance of the particular substances. I can taste, and feel, the difference between cheap bulk and careful selection in the prepared foods I buy. I have tried a lot of other pies and although they may be bigger, they taste like the lower quality, sugary stuff they are made out of.

The good stuff tastes like food. Rich in nutrients and flavor. 

The cheap stuff tastes nutritionally empty, but it's loaded with processed sugars and fats to make me want to eat enough of the stuff to get some nutritional value out of it. I prefer the good stuff.

I am happy to have a kitchen. Cooking gourmet meals is no longer on the list of activities I can do, but I can heat up carefully selected frozen, refrigerated, and prepared food. Sandi comes over and cooks some of the things I eat, and I can assemble a bowl of cereal without painful repercussions. As a result of these gifts, my plate is filled with goodness.

The Phil Seymour Band played for about an hour and a half at the beginning of Thursdays Shasta Blues Society Jam at Lulu’s. It was interesting to create a program of material that would satisfy an unexpected dinner party that was there that night, and the regular blues jam crowd. The band did good, and everyone seemed to be happy with the music we played.

Music is food for my soul.

Sometimes, people smile and say; “You sure are happy today, how come?”.

I answer; “I woke up this morning”.

Today’s Video;

Moonwalk from Bryan Smith on">Vimeo


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