Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grand Schemes

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Robins plan their next moves

The wasteful practices of private enterprise continue to plague Medicare. Ever since the republicans got their privatizing paws into the healthcare plan for seniors, I have been deluged with papers, sent through the mail.

A steady stream of unnecessary printed material floods my mailbox each month. It’s nothing that can’t wait until the end of the year, but somebody got the lucrative printing contract, so keep those presses rolling, boys.

They changed this year. Like most privatized services, the Medicare prescription plans have been sold to another company, (for a profit, no doubt). Now the old and new companies are sending extra mail to let me know the old one is old, and the new one is new.

The new company, (Silver-something), uses a higher grade of paper, a different designed layout, and more modern fonts, than the old company, (Orange-something). They also don’t know how to write simple instructions.

If I can’t figure out what they mean to say, I am pretty sure that the targeted recipients, (Old People), are looking at the printed material, wondering if they are supposed to call their doctor and get a letter stating something about “Utilization management quantity requirements, changes, or edits”. I can’t tell if it says I am covered or not.

It would be simpler for them to say, “Our coverage for you covers the cost of 240 pills per 30 days just like always. If you have any questions, call 1-877-555-5555.”

I am pretty sure that’s what the most recent 2 or 3 pieces of mail are attempting to tell me, but to be certain, I will call and ask whoever answers their phones 24/7. I sure wouldn’t want to mess up my required utilization management, (whatever the heck that is?).

No good has ever come from letting greedy ‘conservatives’ privatize any part of government programs. Their track record of successful ventures is abysmal, no matter what they keep claiming to the contrary on Fox news.

Red, red robins, bob, bob, bobbin’ along.

I wish you an ecstatic Epiphany, (or at least an ‘a-ha’ of awareness moment).

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