Monday, January 21, 2013

Helpful, And

Kind People

You may have read about the new prescription drug provider, (or whatever one is supposed to call this unnecessary attachment to Medicare), that took over the previous company. The old one was Orange Slush fund, or something. The new one is Silver Platter Partners, or some such name for the private prescription plan the republicans inserted into the Medicare program during the Bush administration.

I went to Safeway to pick up a prescription today, and forgot to bring the card for this years corporate money leaching device, ah hem, prescription plan. I would have had to return the next day with my card in hand had it not been for John, the helpful pharmacist.

He took it upon himself to negotiate the twists and turns of the information highway on my behalf. He tapped, clicked, watched for the results, and even made a few trips to the other end of the prescription counter to get papers with codes and numbers to enter into the computer when the previous numbers led down the wrong electron path. I mean to say that this determined and dedicated person wrestled with that computer, (and with whatever entity was on the other end), for at least 15 minutes until, with a fist-pump of satisfaction, he got me fixed up with the new set of numbers.

I am in the system now, until the next conglomerate swallows the Silver Spoon prescription plan. When they do, I hope I will remember to bring the new card they send me.

John, the kind pharmacist at Safeway, handed me my prescription. I thanked him profusely, and headed over to the library.

As I was walking from the Buick to the library entrance, I noticed that I could see Mount Shasta through a space between a tree branch and a wall about 100 feet away at the end of the building. As usual, I had a camera with me and got this shot between the wall and branch, and through the net on the softball field on the next lot. What fun.

My next stop was Trader Joe’s, where the moon was showing me it’s good side, and I got this nice detailed hand held shot of Luna.

I made a slide show with the Apple program, Keynote. I had forgotten that I could make slideshows with that full featured presentation tool which came as part of the iWork software package.

There was a way to just use HTML code to post it to this blog, but I wasn’t sure how to time my music track and the video transitions that way, so I made it into a movie and added music I produced with a keyboard and GarageBand then put them together in iMovie.

I hope you enjoy...

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