Friday, January 18, 2013


And Upward

Any one of us who use a computer, are using programs and protocols that were designed by Aaron Swartz

Here is a brief review, with links to others, of his life.

I love this life I live, playing music and singing songs. This past week was filled with memorable musical moments. The Phil Seymour Band got the evening started for the Jefferson State Blues Society One Year Anniversary party and played nicely. Here is one of the songs from that event, “Losin’ Hand”.

Peggy returned to play the piano in the P&P duo on Monday, and The Phil Seymour Band played well on Thursday for the Shasta Blues Society. The background singing was the best, yet. Thanks guys.

The weather has been a bit erratic here in Redding, but that’s pretty much normal. The major difference now is that each year is warmer on average than the years before.

There are places on earth that are being altered by climate change in dramatic ways that are the result of the tons of CO2, and other substances, the burning of fossil fuels poured into the atmosphere 20-50 years ago. We have exceeded that by record amounts in the past few years, so the forecast of future fair weather looks rather bleak, (even worse if we continue burning coal, oil, and natural gas).

Here is an astonishing atmospheric event that is occurring right now; Split Vortex

Today’s Relative Video;
(You may want to mute the sound..the over modulation of the soundtrack detracts from the beautiful video.)

All Season Kindness

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