Saturday, January 26, 2013

Years First Full Moon

Full Wolf Moon

Moon last night, Jan 25

Yes, it’s that time again. The hungry wolves can be heard outside the teepee's, on the snow covered hills, howling at the moon. We call this the Full Wolf Moon, because the wolves bellies are empty and the moon is full.

I realize it doesn’t make perfect sense, but I suspect it was difficult to translate Algonquin into English. Sometimes it’s hard to translate English into English.

John Harrison was kind enough to put a new set of strings on my guitar this week. He would rather do it than have to look at the way my guitar looks after I change the strings. They stay in tune better while playing a gig after he has strung them, too.

My guitar always sounds so nice with fresh strings.

Photo credit - Rocky Evans

“La Primera Vez”, or, “The First Time”, is the name of the new song that John and I started writing this week. It feels really good to play, and I have almost finished writing the words and story.

John came up with a beautiful Spanish sounding musical hook, so I translated the main phrase into Spanish. It works. Stay tuned.

A Couple Of Contrasting Headlines

The Assault Weapons Ban Just Doesn't Have the Votes

UPDATE: Man on probation found with 15 guns, meth, possible explosives, deputies say

I can see why this fellow wouldn’t want a background check, or a ban on assault weapons.

I also understand why the NRA would mount a media campaign against anything that might have a negative effect on weapons manufacturers.

But why are people so quick to embrace those blatant lies and misrepresentations of the NRA propaganda that are in opposition to facts and common sense?  

My new favorite side dish is Trader Joe’s frozen stir fry vegetables. I put half a package in a covered microwave container for about 3 min and presto, add some fresh ground pepper and eat. This way I have something healthy on my plate while I continue to use up the food in my freezer that contains creepy, factory animal parts.

Today’s Video Offering;

Revelation, a Visual Poem. from sebastien montaz-rosset on">Vimeo

Harmoniously Happy

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