Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listen Closely

Hear The Changing Tides

Many a Sunday evening, I have driven home from opening the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam, and, while crossing the Sacramento river on the Market street bridge, I have seen the lights of the Sundial Bridge reflecting on the river.

Each time that it looks tantalizingly photogenic, I say to myself, “You should drive over to the kayak launching spot near the bridge, and take a picture”. This Sunday, I finally did.

My neighbor, Doris, let me know that one of her cacti was blooming, so I took a few pictures. I like the new place she has put the cactus. The images can be staged in a number of interesting ways.

Tonight I am writing the blog post from my, ‘study’. When I am finished, the study will be dismantled and the bedroom will reappear.

This move to the bedroom was provoked by the roaring, gurgling, mind erasing, relentless sound of the refrigerator. Sometimes it is extremely uncomfortable for me to be in the otherwise delightful living space of this apartment because of the sound level of the refrigerator. That’s a shame. I love living in this place.

I guess I will ask Kathern, our manager, again to replace it. She and Tony, our maintenance person, came in last year to listen, but it didn’t seem loud to them. Like most people, their hearing is not as acute as mine, so I can understand how they might not have thought it was too loud. Since it is even louder this year, maybe they will hear it this time.

I searched my blog with the word ‘refrigerator’, and it found THESE POSTS where I wrote about the noisy refrigerator. They go back to 2009!

I even considered turning the thing off entirely and just using it to store potatoes, mushrooms, and carrots, but where would I keep the Trader Joe’s vanilla ice cream?

Full Wolf Moon

I watched 60 minutes Sunday night. I am really glad that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are representing our country. It was so refreshing to see that there are at least two people in our government who are intelligent, educated, and experienced in matters of state.

Today’s Imaginative Video;

"Cool Unicorn Bruv" // Short film from Ninian Doff on http://vimeo.com">Vimeo

Waves Of Happiness

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