Saturday, January 5, 2013

Out In The Sunshine

Another Beautiful Day

The bees were as busy as, well...  bees(!), as they buzzed about in the Friday afternoon sunshine, here at the Treehouse.

Mount Shasta was gleaming, (glowing? glistening? radiant?), in the January light. I took quite a few pictures of the mountains because the details were so clear and defined. I knew the Lumix cameras would respond nicely with well defined images.

It wasn’t just the snow coated mountains that were sharp and clear in the January sun, some of the flowers were practically otherworldly.

In case you missed seeing the NOVA program about King Solomon’s copper mines, you can watch it online, HERE. It is a fascinating, and revealing look at the some of events of the tenth century as supported by the archeological evidence that has recently been unearthed and examined in southern Jordan, (Edom).

I guess, if I am to follow tradition, tonight, (now that I look at the clock, that would actually be last night), is when I take down my tree and decorations. The 12 days of Christmas come to an end on the 6th and the night of January 5th is traditionally considered the Twelfth Night. Or, I could wait until Candlemas. Some traditions don’t take down the tree and greenery until the festival of lights, (also known as Groundhog Day).

Anyway, this is the night before Epiphany. So, in case I have readers in Orthodox Christian countries, (such as Armenia), Merry Christmas.

I wish a speedy recovery to my friends who are currently feeling under the weather.

I am glad I got out and experienced this beautiful day and took some photos.

The colors make me happy. I hope you like them.

Today’s video is one of the news programs that I will watch...

Today’s Video;

Happy Thoughts

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