Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expanding Universe

Of An Enlightened Mind

Last night, I got to watch Jupiter as it appeared to move from one side of the moon to the other.

It was a bit more spectacular than my current, ‘night moon camera’, (Lumix FZ5), can capture, but the dust speck in the image, (above at 1 o’clock), is an image of Jupiter.

Today, got off to a tasty start with an all organic breakfast. The fruit, cereal, and milk were all as nutritious, and tasty, one can get without growing it oneself. Do you know anyone who grows their own organic bananas?

The Treehouse flowers looked happy, and healthy when I stepped outside to check the mail. I had plans to go on a photo excursion to take some train pictures with my neighbor, Margaret, down by the trestle that crosses the Sacramento river.

While waiting for a train, we noticed a large flock of robins descending onto the Shasta Horseshoe Club, horseshoe pit area. The photography subject of the outing was changed to robins.

There were between 75 and 100 robins, pecking in the ground for worms. A few came close enough to get many good pictures of them. I plan to study the pix until I can identify the differences between the robins.

There was no 3:30, or 4:00 train to photograph, but it was a great day to snap pictures of robins. I wonder if it is the same flock that I have seen here at the Treehouse. I will have to compare pictures after I learn how to tell them apart.

Meanwhile, back at the Treehouse, I took a few more pictures.

This resident bird wanted it’s picture taken. I was experimenting with using the manual focus toggle, so the bird posed patiently while I ‘dialed in’ a nice portrait of it perched on the bush that it calls home.

I took this picture of the colorful flowers that Steve grows in a flower box on his porch, then headed up to see what goodies I might have brought back in the Lumix FZ8.

I am trying different methods to put groups of photos here, on the blog, in ways that might show the light, shadow, and color dynamics of the original images. Today’s video is a slightly better version of the video shown on the previous post.

It still lacks the vibrant color and detail that exists in the original pictures. I have a couple more experiments left that might achieve the results I seek. I will continue to make improvements each time inspiration chooses to visit this experiment. In the meantime...

Today’s Improved Video;

The Never-ending Path Of Improvement

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