Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beautiful Indeed

Mighty ‘Purdy’ Too

I wanted to get these pictures up to show you before I moved on to the pictures I took today. So here are some beautiful pictures from around the Treehouse.

The Phil Seymour Band plays in couple of hours down at Lulu’s for the Shasta Blues Society Christmas party. I think they’re going to even let me sing and play with them.

Most of the colors used in these images that I’ve altered are the natural colors that were there. Sometimes though, I find a color that brings out the beauty and shades of a rose, or whatever the object is, and I choose that from a pallet rather than nature.

The above picture is a good example of that.

Whatever the effect, the frame, or whatever additions I do, they are there to direct your attention to the real stars; These beautiful flowers.

Well it’s time I got something to eat although they will have food there I want to eat now.

Here’s a picture of some lasagna I had the other night. It was good.

That picture reminds me I have to drop off some books and get new ones at the library. That’s easy to do since Lulu’s is about a block away.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Love Music

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