Saturday, December 17, 2011

Warm Wishes

Feel The Heat

The roses are blooming like crazy, here in Redding, where the temperature today was 80°.

The recent dusting of snow has melted off Mount Lassen and there are no storms on the near horizon.

When I went to the store today, (Trader Joe’s), I noticed that over the distant hills the moon was visible. I set my camera on a little tripod upon the roof of the car and took a picture which worked out really well, because there was a bird flying by at the time.

I love this place.

The Treehouse rosebushes are a riot of color and a potpourri of fragrance. The bees are just going nuts.

I watched the bees burrowing inside of the flowers, rolling around in the pollen and stuffing their heads in as deep as they could. They just couldn’t get enough of that stuff.

The roses that were buds just a day or two ago are now full-blown blossoms.

The warm weather is really good for the roses and not so good for the ski area.

Last year, the big snowfall happened in the spring and the ski area stayed open until May.

You may recall pictures here in this blog from last July that showed plenty of snow on Mount Shasta. (Pix Here) There were people still cross country skiing up there at that time.

The Happy Band

The band played for the Shasta Blues Society Christmas party on Thursday. We had a good time.

Tony Martinez played drums with John, Mark, and myself. We also had SaRah Papenheim with us for her favorite three songs where she plays the drums. Bose Branham came up for a few songs where he added his guitar and voice to the mix. A good time was had by all.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Chestnuts Roasting

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