Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good Speech

Mr. President

In case you missed it, the President recently gave a speech that explained in detail, correctly, succinctly, and accurately what has happened to our country, why it happened, and what we need to do about it. Here’s a link to an article in the Christian Science Monitor that also contains a link to the speech itself; President Obama on the economy.

I have been trying out some new cereals from Natures Path, the organic cereal company. You can see one of them underneath the fruit in this picture.

That would be flax plus natural bran flakes there, right next to the blueberry.

I belong to the Nature’s Path Breakfast Club, or some such thing, and I receive e-mails from them where I get to choose what I think would be good names for the new cereals, and what the boxes should look like. I can never remember what I actually chose on the surveys, but I like to think that some of the stuff I picked out is what I see inside the boxes, and the designs on the box.

The Treehouse ‘Driveway Roses’ continue to impress with their beautiful colors and survival skills.

I continue to take their pictures each and every day. Sometimes twice a day depending on the light. The morning light and late afternoon light create entirely different colors and shadows which, to my eye, create entirely different rose personalities.

I sent the above picture to Marian this evening, illustrating how I get such vibrant and beautiful flower pictures. I figured I’d pass along that tip to all of you. It’s an age old, low cost, photography technique that works very effectively.

I hope you enjoy the pictures today and the tip about making wonderful flower pictures, come to life.

I do encourage you to read the President’s speech. If you do, it will instill in you some hope that there is at least one person in Washington whose frontal lobes are operational.

That’s all for tonight .I need to get back to my new Apple TV. It calls to me. It wants to dazzle me with more features that make me glad I got it.

Tonight’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Well Blow Me Down

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