Saturday, December 24, 2011


And Other Vagabonds

66 years ago there was an intrepid group of virus molecular structures, that managed to set foot, or what would be a foot in the molecule world, on new land; the inside of my nose.

These visitors had no intention of ever leaving my mucus membrane but instead, like my ancestors that came to America, they planned to settle in and call it home.

They evidently did not take into account that there was already plenty of molecules living in my mucous membrane before they arrived. Like most situations, a war ensued. Some of the local hometown molecules were consumed or destroyed but most of the invading, (let’s call it rhino virus), were eliminated.

Those that survived were captured and reprogrammed to fit in with the local molecular entities. When future marauding bands of rhino virus would arrive on the winds, (fingertips?), of chance, they would find themselves defeated by an already educated and prepared populace with rhino virus spies ready to go to work and undermine whatever plans the invaders might have had to settle in the land of Philip's nose.

Sometimes these wars take longer than other times. Typically, according to scientific measurements, if an invading rhino virus manages to get a foothold it takes about seven days to establish a standing army. Then depending on the condition of the locals, repelling the invaders can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks or more.

So, as I write this, there seems to be a new bunch of ‘settlers’ thinking it’s their right to populate this 66-year-old land, (my nose). Currently the local inhabitants are using the tried-and-true methods of defense and copious amounts of fluids are being produced to wash away the enemy.

Since this is my Army, I expect victory soon. In the meantime I’m going out to get more Kleenex. I will also get some silver solution in case my troops need a little help putting a prompt end to this latest invasion.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Who Nose?

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