Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revolving Window

On Nature

Along the driveway here at the Treehouse Apartments, there are a few scraggly rose bushes that I have written about and shown photographs of ever since I moved here four years ago.

This bud, above, will soon be a beautiful flower similar to the rose at the top of the page, but with it’s own distinct personality.

I find them to be wonderful indicators of the power of nature. Of all the rosebushes here, they consistently produce the most interesting and beautiful roses I have ever seen.

The variety and combination of colors, size, and shape is continuously changing, developing, dying and being reborn. I am very fortunate in that I’ve been capturing this phenomena over the years and I’m able to look here in this blog in the past and see just what they’ve been doing. I find it fascinating.

Equally fascinating to me, is looking back through this blog and seeing my own personal development.

When I first moved here I was in relatively bad physical, mental, and spiritual health. By reading older blog posts, I can follow the processes and events that have helped me to recuperate, heal, regenerate, rediscover, and reinvigorate this specimen I call me. What a terrific vehicle this journal can be for objective information gathering. Thank you Marian for suggesting that I put my writing in a journal.

I can read, see the pictures, and in other ways observe how far I’ve come to this stage of health and well-being that I am in now. Three years ago, on or about this date, I was examining a bout of depression. (HERE)

Another thing that I’ve been observing successful results from, is my choice of good food.

Every once in a while I like to eat beef. Like about every six months. I think that’s healthy.

Not just any beef, but happy beef. Organic. Living in a pasture. A cow with a name and friends, so that the nutrition I derive from eating a piece of that cow contains all the nutritional goodness possible.

I found some organic beef sirloin at Trader Joe’s that I tried tonight. It was very good and I should get two or three meals out of it.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Happy To Be Here

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