Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who, Me?

I Make Mistakes, Too

I know that we all make rookie mistakes. That is the process by which we learn. But today, I am reminded that there is an advanced level of mistake making where we have become so skilled at a procedure that we become susceptible to ‘out smarting’ ourselves.

I took a days worth of photos and managed to permanently erase them before I completed the process of importing them. This was primarily due to my hurry to post a picture of a cup of soup while it was still warm in my tummy.

So, I guess I will have to illustrate with ‘old’ images I took a day, or 2, ago.

The Eclipse

It was well worth getting up at 5:00am to watch the total eclipse of the moon. It turned out that the event was easily seen from the second floor landing just outside my apartment. This meant that I could step inside to get hot refills of coffee, or any other conveniences that my home could offer during the hour and a half that I was observing and taking pictures of the eclipse.

An Early Bird

I stayed up for a little while after the eclipse, taking some morning pictures before heading back to bed.

To enhance, or not to enhance? That’s a question who’s answer is usually clear to me the moment I look at a picture I have taken. Sometimes I take a photograph that I intend to do an effect on, like this rose.

I might add some fog around the border, but this is pretty much what I had in mind when I took this rose picture, (above).

When I took this poinsettia picture, I knew I was going to play with shadows and angles.

It seems that fortune smiled upon today’s images, here at Phil’s Place. Had I not blundered in my haste to import the images I had planned to use, these images would have been left languishing in electron pattern limbo.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

A Good Day Indeed

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