Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready With The New

Year Calendar

Calendars serve different purposes for different people. In my case I use a calendar to cover up the fuse box in the kitchen. It’s actually not a fuse box per se, but in fact a breaker box. Either way it tends to uglify the wall and the calendar is a great way to cover it up.

This all began when I considered going to Borders while I was at OfficeMax getting a light magenta cartridge for the Epson printer.

I envisioned the selection of calendars that they always have at Borders, and realized they were not likely to have the size actually need to cover up the breaker box.

It was there and then that I remembered a discussion that I had earlier in the day with Sandi about this very thing. I had remarked how easy it would be for me just to go ahead and make my own calendar. Now that I had ink to get the Epson printer up and running there was nothing stopping me from a do-it-yourself calendar.

After I finished printing a couple of pieces of sheet music for the LMP Trio, I began the calendar project.

The reason I went and got ink instead of waiting for the ink I ordered to arrive in the mail is that the mail itself would not be going out for a few days, and that would delay the sheet music by at least a week. This way, it might arrive before Marian takes off on her Phoenix trip.

So, I got another cartridge and I’m very glad I did, for the Epson printer is clearly superior to the HP that I use in a pinch, and it helped make this calendar a doable project.

I got the calendar template from the iWork community online. You just put in the year you want and it automatically works out the days of the week for each month. It’s the first time I’ve used the software called, “numbers” in the iWork programs. Now that I know how it works, I can already see how I’m going to redesign it for my particular needs.

The main thing is that I’ve got something that covers up the breaker box and I can also keep track of appointments and schedules. Life is good, and I’m happy with the results of my do-it-yourself calendar.

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