Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Easy On The Senses

Change In Viewing

I take a lot of pictures. You might imagine that I like to look at them in the best possible manner possible. If that’s the case, then you are absolutely correct.

I like to take photographs using the Lumix TZ3, editing them on the MacBook, and viewing the larger images on the HDTV.

For two years I’ve been researching a product called Apple TV. This week I finally got one. It’s not really a TV set, it is a means of getting images and movies and sound and anything else you happen to have streaming around your house onto your home theater.

Initially I was interested because I had cables going from my computer to the TV that, in a small apartment, created a tripping hazard and clutter. Just to get those wires out of the way is nice, but this does so much more than provide a wireless monitor for my MacBook.

On it's own, it can stream music, movies, television, radio and anything else that happens to be on the Internet, and it plays the sound in Dolby 5.1 digital optical through my stereo while displaying clear, accurate color pictures and movies in high definition on my HDTV.

Look, no wires running across the floor. I feel so much better without the cable clutter impinging upon my thoughts every time I was in the living room.

The most important discovery I made was how great my photography looks, now that it goes through the Apple TV processor. It seems to recognize the dimensions of my TV screen down to the pixel. This makes the colors accurate and the picture on the TV matches the picture on my laptop exactly.

I would recommend one of these to anyone who has an iMac, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and a really good home theater setup. All the various Apple devices communicate with the Apple TV, and each other, wirelessly. Like it is with most Apple products, I didn’t realize how magical this thing was, until I got one for myself. It’s not expensive, (about the cost of dinner and a movie for 2), and I am glad I got it.

This time of year is called fall. It’s called that, because leaves actually fall, and they been doing that quite wonderfully around here.

Yesterday, one of my neighbors was out sweeping her porch to clear the leaves.

Today one of the maintenance guys, (Matt), was out sweeping up the leaves throughout the Treehouse grounds.

I really appreciated that he was sweeping instead of just leaf blowing them from one place to another. He bagged them up and put them somewhere so they didn’t just blow back around on the next breeze.

For breakfast today, I had a magic bowl of cereal... just add milk and eat.

My Brother, Jerry

I got an e-mail from my brother Jerry on Monday. It showed a picture of him skiing in Utah.

Photo credit - Linda Elliot

I replied with a picture of me playing music here at the treehouse, (that’s Peggy Richardson playing on the keyboard).

My menu has been expanded the last couple of weeks as a direct result of my neighbor Linda Elliott bringing dinners and treats up to my apartment.

I am fortunate to have a neighbor that really loves to cook good food. She, like a lot of people who enjoy cooking, find it hard to prepare recipes just for one person. I’m happy to help by eating the extra portion. Thanks Linda.

Tonight’s dinner was all organic, natural, normal, non-artificial, hormone free, locally grown where possible, really tasty food. What I thought were raisins in the basmati wild rice, were actually sun dried cherries. They were a nice touch.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

So Much To Be Thankful For

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