Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tidings Of Comfort

Are Always Welcome

A kind word, warm greetings, a smiling response, or any other act of comfort that we can give to one another at this time of year is always appreciated.

In this day and age when 24 hour radio and television personalities encourage people to be selfish and fearful, it’s ever so important for those of us who care, to be kind whenever, and wherever possible.

In a time when the joyous season can cause stressful moments for some people, it is especially important for those of us blessed with joyful spirits, to let our light shine.

It’s a time when something as simple as a thank you, or you look nice today, or any other positive and uplifting word, can be the most important gift we have to give.

Different people’s needs are different. They respond to different forms of light and happiness in different ways. I respond really well to good, home cooked food.

Tonight my neighbor Linda, brought me a piece of freshly baked pie just as I was wondering what I would have for dessert. What a delightful surprise. Thank you.

That’s the pie underneath the ice cream and whipped cream. It was so delicious that when I was done eating it, I did the Walter Huston ‘happy dance’ from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.

Well, maybe I didn’t jump up and down and do a lot of fancy footwork, (like Walter Huston), but I waved my arms around a little bit and exclaimed; “This pie is great”.

Tonight’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Let Your Light Shine

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