Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis The Season

To Be Jolly

Today, the Treehouse management and staff put on their annual Christmas party for us residents, and Peggy Richardson and I played Christmas songs. We had a lot of fun and I really nailed that high note in the song ‘Silent Night’. It is the time of year for singing songs like White Christmas and Rudolph.

Thursday night is the Shasta Blues Society Christmas party and the Phil Seymour Band will be playing for that event. I probably won’t be singing Silent Night or White Christmas for that crowd, but I will be singing Merry Christmas Baby.

Next week, I will be going down to Richmond to play with the LMP Trio at a Christmas party in Millbrae. I don’t sing with that band, but I don’t need to. We have a wonderful alto sax player named Leona. She is the L in LMP.

As you can see, we still have lots of colorful roses blooming here at the Treehouse.

The weather has been beautiful with the days in the 60s and the nights in the 30s. It looks like it might be dry here through Christmas, but the Mount Shasta Ski Park is still hoping Santa brings them snow.

It was pretty today down by the river, and there were lots of fishermen out enjoying the icy cold water on their waders.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this guy who brought his pipe with him out into the water so he wouldn’t have to interrupt his smoking habit while fishing.

That fisherman with a pipe in his mouth was something of a throwback to a time when smoking was considered okay and cool. We’re a little smarter nowadays and we know that there’s nothing okay, cool, or beneficial about smoking. I am so glad I quit smoking and got my life back.

On a lighter note, here is today’s relatively appropriate song and or video;


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