Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Future Looks Bright

For Those Who Conserve

Vermont Sets Goal Of 90% Renewable Energy By 2050

Worlds Largest Li-ion Battery Plant Opens In Russia

The Upbeat State Of The World (CSM)

Holiday Highlights

Alyssa and Jordan sing at the Taylor Christmas dinner. (Photo - Sandi Taylor)

A Christmas apple tart from pastry chef, Linda Elliot.

Fresh Fruit

Busy Bees

The World Glacier Monitoring Service recently has said that 90% of the glaciers studied in its latest Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin are losing mass. In the Himalaya, 75% of the glaciers there are melting; the USGS fully puts the blame on this on global warming and not other factors.

It Still Gets Chilly In The Wintertime

Today I felt a chill of winter for the first time this year, (which is kind of funny since his year’s almost over), and I find myself turning up the thermostat a degree at a time to keep that chill out of my bones.

I am talking to the Dragon Express and having it write these words in my blog.  That should warm me up a bit. I have to admit that this talking out loud and having a ‘helper’ type for me is just great.

I finished reading the new Michael Moore book today and I have to say it was an eye opener. If anybody was destined to be an award winning documentary filmmaker, (that many people will actually watch), it is him. He was present at many of the events that put our country into the shape it is in today. This book should be required reading in our public schools.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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