Friday, February 15, 2013

Bountiful Blossoms

A Little Early

The warm February weather, here in Redding, has brought out the blossoms and the bees. There might be some rain one afternoon next week. It is a good time to enjoy the outdoors.

Too Pretty To Eat

Sandi brought this tart to me for Valentine’s Day. I have been looking at it in the refrigerator, thinking I should take a picture of it before cutting a slice.

It was a fun photography subject. It will be a tasty series of desserts throughout this Presidents Day weekend.

Waxing Moon

The moon has been appearing in the afternoon, a little bigger each day. Funny how that works. The next thing you know,(Feb. 25), it will be a full, “Hunger Moon”.

Our clear skies provide a great opportunity to try various exposure, aperture, and shutter settings on the Lumix FZ35.  The weather has been warm and plant life is bursting with buds and blossoms.

Last year the trees didn’t start blossoming until the 22nd of February.

Beautiful Rose

The new roses that opened in the last day or two, haven’t disappointed. They are gorgeous.

Counting Birds

There were flocks of seagulls, winging their way north, along I-5. I took pictures of them stringing across the sky, until they lined up with Mount Shasta. What a treat. There were hundreds of them.

Today’s Inspirational Video;

The Light Of Goodness

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