Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Lumix FZ35

Has Arrived

The used camera that I got on eBay, was waiting for me in the Treehouse mail room on Friday when I got back from an afternoon trip to the library. Henry’s photo-video-digital in Toronto was really quick to deliver my new/used FZ35. I wasn’t expecting it until Thursday of the next week. Hooray.

I have spent most of my waking moments since then getting to know this more sophisticated member of my used Lumix camera collection. This model came out in 2009 and can still be purchased new.

Of course there is a picture of breakfast and other familiar subjects so I can get a feel for the new longer lens and additional features. A visit to the Treehouse flowers gave me some more comparative results.

It has a few more options and controls than the earlier FZ Lumix cameras, and it is fun to explore the possibilities. Next it was up to the dam for shots of the lake and Mount Shasta.

It is very satisfying to have worked my way up to the array of features that this camera holds. Because I started with the TZ1, and learned every possible combination of controls it offered before I moved up to the TZ3, I was prepared explore the new features that came with it. Stepping up to the FZ5 was exciting because I was already familiar with most of its functions, so I could begin experimenting with focus, aperture, and speed combinations while using the electronic viewfinder.

!0,000 pictures later, the FZ8 appeared on eBay at a price I could afford, (it was missing the selector wheel and had scratches on the LCD display). Those things were not important to me because I rarely use the LCD display, and I could switch the dial with a toothpick.

Another 10,000 pictures with the FZ8, and now I have the FZ35. I already know how to work most of the manual functions so I can focus, (pun intended), on the enhancements, right out of the box.

I amassed about 400 pictures Friday night and Saturday. There are some really nice ones that I hope I can put in slide shows for tomorrow’s blog. In the meantime, it was nice of this bee to be a test subject for the new camera.

I took a lot of Sundial Bridge and Sacramento River pictures Saturday afternoon.

That is the big news at the moment. I wonder if Henry’s rushed my delivery to beat the snowstorm? Whatever the reason, I will be writing good reviews about them.

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