Monday, February 11, 2013

Days Of Adventure

Time For Discovery

I enjoy photographing the food I eat. Breakfast is particularly interesting because of the shapes, shadows, dimensions, field of focus, perspectives, and colors.

It tastes good, too.

The weekend was a time to discover the possibilities of the newly acquired Lumix FZ35 camera. The adventure came with visiting some of my favorite photo locations and taking pictures of whatever came my way, or captured my attention.

Saturday and Sunday found me on and around the Sundial Bridge attempting to familiarize myself with the view through the lens, and the operation of the new camera. There were plenty of subjects. Some were stationary, some were moving, and some were quite flighty.

In between photographic exploration, I managed to play and sing with the Phil Seymour Band on Sunday, and the P&P Duo this Monday afternoon.

I sure love playing music. It is an essential life supporting organ in the being that is me, (The pun just chimed in as I was writing).

Meanwhile, back at the Treehouse, the flowers are celebrating the beautiful weather we have been experiencing this February.

My friends and neighbors told me about the Grammy’s, another cruise ship in the news, and that the pope was resigning. I guess I have been too absorbed in my own pursuits to take the time to turn on the TV, or read the news online today.

I use the TV to monitor the things I do with the computer and the iPod Touch, (Recordings, videos, photography, and occasionally part of a movie), but I don’t tune in the TV stations very often.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and it seems like a good time to appreciate the profound joy that love and romance has brought to life on earth. What a magical feeling. What a gift.

Today’s Video;

Hearts (The Valentines Day Video) from Moist Creation on">Vimeo

Happy Valentines Day

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