Friday, February 22, 2013

Catch Of The Day


In the previous blog post, I presented images from the Lumix FZ35 that had been subjected to the program called FX Studio. For tonight, I have switched to a different App, called FX Photo Studio. The names are similar, but the Apps are quite different.

It is a more fully featured program than the one called FX Studio, and I can get lost in the minutia of detail and color tonal choices, in addition to the masking and layering. The next thing I know, hours have gone by while I am putting just the right shadow color on a particular curve of a leaf.

I know this program well enough to sometimes get fast results, if I can visualize what I think will be the perfect enhancing set of available layers before opening the program.

The main thing tonight, was to see how the Lumix FZ35 images reacted to the various processes that are part of FX Photo Studio.

The camera itself has effects that can be used while composing some shots that tell their stories better with the addition of a bit of pizazz.

I used ‘camera magic’ to enhance the colors and dimensions of the yellow and pink flower pictures, above. The available light was of the sort that dulled the colors in the camera viewfinder, so I used the High Dynamic Range feature to ‘liven’ them up a bit.

I have some extra space this weekend in my schedule. Or, I should say that there was an opportunity to devote some attention to whatever project tickled my fancy on Saturday.

Just as soon as I had that thought and spoke the words, I began filling my Saturday schedule with a bunch of creative pursuits. Like finishing the words and melodies to the 2 new songs that John and I started earlier in the week, or finally making the video of me assembling a few solar powered projects, or spending some time exercising my cartooning muscles by sketching out a few ideas that have been hovering around my sense of humor like blowflies.

I think I will the the muse decide after breakfast, tomorrow.

Of course, (to get back to todays photo experiments), my favorite images are the ones where I have captured a moment, a thought, or story, simply by combining light, action, color, shadow, purpose, and personality in a composition that perfectly suits the camera and settings perfectly, and needs no further development.

That would be the case with the picture of John, (above), changing strings on his cherished Fender Stratocaster, while surrounded by the instruments he makes, that are cherished by symphony violinists.

What a fantastic world this is. Filled with wonders of nature and the works of creative people like a marvelous storybook, all this magic is ours to behold and celebrate.

And now for some amazing, creative technical knowhow, creativity and application...

Today’s Catchy Video

Believing, Can Help Us See

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