Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidents Day


This was Sunday morning breakfast, but my Presidents Day traditional breakfast will look very much the same as this one. Perhaps I will use a different, ‘Presidential’, bowl.

I literally took hundreds of pictures today. It was a beautiful day in Redding. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and bees were a’ buzzing.

Marian wrote, in an email, that she recently went to a crab feed, and that got me to thinking about the last time I had crab. My sister used to have crab feed and crawfish boil weekends at her Crystal Beach, beach house, near Galveston.

Chrissy and I got to enjoy crawfish when we visited for a family reunion one year in the 1990’s. Sue had crab, too, but someone ate it all before the rest of us got to it. A dozen years later, the beach house was washed away during hurricane Ike. I wrote about it HERE.

The waxing moon shone brightly during the sunny afternoon, Sunday. It was fun to take a picture of it at each photo stop I made during the day.

One of the nice things I remember about living in Houston, was going crabbing, down on the beaches near Galveston. It was astonishingly simple. Two 4’ poles. One 10 - 15’ long piece of string. Chicken necks tied on the end of 3’ strings tied at 3’ intervals along the 15’ string stretched between the two poles in the knee high, ‘surf’.

Then, I would carry a bucket in one hand, and walk down the line, pulling up each chicken neck string. There would be one or two good size crabs hanging onto, and eating the chicken off the bone. I’d shake them loose into the bucket and move to the next string with a crab on it.

It was just a matter of walking back and forth along the line, shaking crabs into the bucket. When it became heavy with crabs, trying to climb out, it was just a matter of walking to the ice chest on the beach and dumping them in. That’s how we did it then.

The moon tonight was fun to photograph. I took some pictures of the moon and Jupiter, but I have to figure out how to get a picture of Jupiter that looks like a planet, and not just a white speck in the black night sky.

Tonight’s Sunny Video;

Solar Economics 101 from Sungevity Home Solar Specialists on Vimeo.


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