Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Robust

With Artistic Detail, Too

Exploring the new possibilities and potential of the FZ35 has become a world of discovery. New layers of post production techniques are now at my fingertips, and existing, familiar programs are open to further exploration.

Effects in FX Studio that would have obliterated images from my other cameras, are now useful additions to my palette of imagery transformations.

Because the FZ35 image sensor produces an increased density of fine detail, the pictures are not as easily destroyed by the software algorithms that make up the effects and enhancement applications.

Not all of tonights images were improved by FX Studio, so some of the pix are posted without effects. Can you tell with ones they are?

Home after singing and playing with the band

Tomorrow, I will try some pictures in another one of my favorite 30 photography applications. I may find some new favorites in my adventures.

Those turbines are more than 40 miles away from the eastern 2nd floor stairwell of ‘A’ building, where I took the picture from. I am impressed and very happy with this latest new/used Lumix camera. Of course I have said that about each and every Lumix camera when I acquired them, and I still feel that way.

Today’s Expansive Video;

LosDomos TimeLapse from Boppin Community on">Vimeo


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