Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Croakers, Chirpers, and P&P   

This little guy, pictured above, has got quite a varied repertoire of musical, and percussive sounds that he sings passionately from his favorite perches in 4 different Treehouse trees.

He stays tucked into the trees to take advantage of his camouflage. This makes it tricky for me to get a picture, but today, I managed to find him through the budding branches.

This honeybee had to stop and clean her tongue so she could get back into that pollen covered nectar banquet. Here is a closer look...

The skies were overcast today in Redding and the muted light gave me another dimension to explore with the FZ35. The lower light intensity meant slower shutter speeds, which meant I had to hold the camera very still if I wanted a clear result. This was particularly important when using the 18x optical zoom.

The muted light, and zoom lens, allowed me to capture some wonderful, ‘mood imagery’, that will likely find it’s way onto a greeting card, or two.

Meanwhile, back to the bird symphony with occasional male frog love calls.

There were flickers, singing their tunes as well. I didn’t know a flicker song, so I sang Red Red Robin, to keep the birds attention while I took their pictures.

Adding my voice to the chorus was a pleasure, and a nice warm up for the Monday Jamboree in the afternoon with P&P.

The Monday Jamboree was fun. Peggy played well, and I actually printed up a playlist for us to follow today. It helps eliminate 'choosing the next song' delays.

I write a playlist for The Phil Seymour Band when we play. Marian always makes a playlist for each LMP Trio performance. But, for some reason, Peggy and I have been meandering through the pages of our playbook for each, next song, until now.

I don’t know why it took me so long, but I have been organizing a number of things lately, and this was one of them.

My Presidents Day traditional meal, (this year), was vegetable rolls and some sort of quinoa spinach sprout yam stuff. A new ‘traditional’ Presidents Day meal will likely be introduced next year.

Today’s Vision Expanding Video;

Monolation from Jess Dunlap on Vimeo.

Earth Is Our Beautiful Home

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